Plug & Play User Login

Add user login to your website in 3 steps.

Password Free

Install Weasl on your website and server and don't worry about passwords, cookies, or sessions. We handle that for you, to make it easy for your users to login to your site.

Manage your users

All your data is yours. Forever. Add custom attributes to your users to manage things like permissions, paid plan levels, and custom features.

Effortless setup

You're three steps away from having user authentication active on your site. One more thing checked off the list.

Save Time

Stop worrying about security, development time & cost. Verify your users immediately on login and focus on building your product, not user login.


  • Up to 500 logins per month
  • Standard support
  • 5,000 logins per month
  • Dedicated on-call support
  • Removable Weasl branding
  • 20,000 logins per month
  • Prioritized on-call support
  • Removable Weasl branding
  • Social login (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)